Recently I was launching WP UniParser 3.0 – the latest version of universal parser WordPress plugin. New functions been added are listed below:

Auto generated categories (allowing to create the category structure of your website as close as possible to the website you are parsing content from);
Intelligent category determination (allowing to place new post to the definite category if the definite keyword is present in the content);
– Author setting (allowing to select author, whom new posts are assigned to, also author randomizing available);
– Random adding of user defined keywords to the post.

And for those readers, who have never heard about WP UniParser, I will now describe what you can basically do with my universal parser:

Parse content from websites on ANY CMS;
– Easily control parser route through the target website;
– Cut or leave in the content any scripts, comments, links, forms, images, spans, objects and other user defined code areas;
Download images from the target website to your own server;
Schedule posts publication;
– Place harvested content to the user defined category;
Execute auto translation (in any direction) for the following languages: English, German, French, Polish, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and others (through Google Translate service). If you need more languages, they can be easily added.

Before buying WP UniParser 3.0 you are welcome to try it on my test blog.

Below you can see parser admin panel screenshot.

To see how easy is to set up WP UniParser 3.0 for any website parsing, please check FAQ section with simple example of parser work.

WP UniParser 3.0 current price is 30$ (paypal).

If you want to buy WP UniParser 3.0 or have any questions you are welcome to contact me through GTALK at or ICQ: 435268826.