Bulk linkbuilding services

I have the large experience of providing the linkbuilding services. So I can provide you tons of really cheap links very fast!

What are the main CONS of my offer?

1. You can pay for placement monthly (if it is more comfortable for you);

2. I can place your link with encircling text (about 100 symbols):
<em>text before link <a href="...">ANCHOR</a> text after link.</em>
In this case link will be more natural and in any case related!!!

3. Every week I will provide you the detailed report about the placed links (location URLs, anchors);

4. If some links will drop, I will provide you replacement for free (based on my experience about 5% BULK links may drop, mostly of the webmaster fault or servers unstaibleness).

5. You cannot define the link placement pattern (sidebar, incontent, footer), so the patterns will be very different, what will make the set of link still more natural!

6. You pay just AFTER you see your links are placed – I need 2-4 days for that (this will be the first report)!

7. Payment is accepted via PayPal and Credit Card, so feel free to choose the most convenient option.

I can offer you the following linkbuilding PRICELIST:

500 PR0 links for 120$/month;
1000 PR0 links for 210$/month;
1500 PR0 links for 300$/month;
200 PR1 links for 150$/month;
100 PR2 links for 190$/month;
100 PR3 links for 290$/month;

The prices for higher PR and specific niche related links we can also discuss.

Now I will describe the definite scheme of our linkbuilding cooperation:

1. You provide me with the parameters of the linkplaces you need;

2. I show you the examples I can provide (and inform you how much it will cost);

3. If you like the examples, you send me the file with the linkcodes. Below you can see the linkcode example:

<em>text before link <a href="http://yourlink">ANCHOR</a> text after link.</em>

4. I place the links (it will take 2-4 days) and send you the report, where you can see the definite location URLs with your links placed;

5. When all link placed, you check them and pay me;

6. Then during the month I send you the regular weekly reports (which links are present, which are missing and if any missing, where you can see the replacement link);

7. In a month you can prolongate the placement or cancel it.

So don`t hesitate to contact me at my GMAIL ID – isolar2005@gmail.com .

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