Content Parser X-Parser

Today I want to tell you about the fastest PHP parser ever known. It is content parser X-Parser! If you are already intriguid about this powerful script, you are welcome to read the detailed overview below.

X-Parser Detailed Description

Multifunctional modular multithread universal parser allows you to do the following things:
1. Parse SERP of any Search Engines by keywords saving links and snippets.
2. Parser text content from any website by domain.
3. Parser text content by keywords from any search engine SERP.
4. Parser text content by set of URLs.
5. Parse inner links of any definite URL or from the whole website.
6. Parse ougoing links of any definite URL or from the whole website.

X-Parser interface demo is located here.

Equipped with Proxy Checker

To parse really unlimited tons of content, parser is equipped with proxy checker. It can do the following things:

1. Check proxiex from the specified set of proxylists.
2. Check proxies from the specified set of proxies.
3. Check the specified proxy.
4. Filter the valid proxylists.
5. Parser proxylists from Google SERP and filter valid proxies.
The proxychecking is accompished in attachement to the proxy use target. Thus if you want to use proxies later for parsing Google, you can set up proxychecker to filter just proxies without Google ban.

Parser performance

And now the most funny thing. X-Parser is working in the multithread mode. The number of threads can be regulated. The parsing speed on 1 Mbit broadwidth is about 1MB of text for 160 seconds, equals about 500 Mb for 24 hours!

The proxychecker speed is about 100 proxies for 100 seconds. Thus for 100 seconds you can get about 100 valid proxies!

Modularity and external applications integration

The source code of parser is modular. Each module has it`s own parameters and functions. We can easily integrate our modules to any other external applications code (dorway generators, sattelite generators etc.).


To buy X-Parser or to ask any questions you are welcome to email (or GTalk) me at