WP UniParser FAQ (EN)

This is WP UniParser FAQ. You should read it very carefully. In this case you will easily understand how parser works. WP UniParser has a lot of settings, which allow it to become really universal parsing solution.

1. Software requirements.
2. WP UniParser easy start example.
3. Parsing algorithm basics.
4. Internal links harvesting.
5. Content block extracting.
6. Header extracting.
7. Content block processing.
8. Saving images to your server.
9. Restrictions setting.
10. History saving.
11. Content duplication.
12. Post publication scheduling.
13. Intelligent categories distribution.
14. Categories autogeneration.
15. Logs output.
16. Settings profiles.
17. Bugs.

p.s. to buy WP UniParser you are welcome to contact me in GTalk at isolar2005@gmail.com or in ICQ 435268826.